choosing tires for your driving conditions
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choosing tires for your driving conditions

So many drivers are unaware of what makes one type of tire so much better than another. Do you have the tires on your car that will keep you safe when driving in the rain, on hot surfaces or in the snow? My blog is all about choosing the right kind of tires for your driving conditions. You will find out what tread pattern to look for, advice for when to change the tires and even a few tips that can help you extend the life of your tires. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to know to choose the best tires to keep you safe.


choosing tires for your driving conditions

Tips For Buying Used Car Parts From An Auto Salvage Yard

Syreeta Van Der Houwen

Visiting an auto salvage yard can be an intimidating experience for people who haven't done it before. Knowing how to seek out the part you need and pick the right kind of part for your car can help you make the experience a positive one. These tips can help.

Find a Salvage Yard that Deals In Your Type of Car

Many auto salvage yards have specialties. For example, some deal in foreign cars while some may even deal in specific types of foreign cars. The best way to find car parts for your specific type of car is to find out which salvage yards in your area deal with the type of car that you own. Call ahead to find out which types of yards are right for you. Some salvage yards may even be able to tell you if they have the type of car and part that you're seeking.

Pick the Best Example of the Car Part You Want

When picking a specific type of part for your car, you may find many different examples of that part in different cars around the lot. Look for the best example of that type of part. Factors to consider when picking between two different versions of a single type of auto part include:

  • Visible scratches and scars. Scratches and scars are not by themselves an indication of a problem, but are still best avoided because scratches often lead to rust.
  • Rust. Unlike scratches and scars, rust generally is a problem. Formation of rust is an indication that the part itself is slowly deteriorating with time.
  • Cleanliness. Cleanliness may not be a measure of the functionality of a car part, but the cleaner the part is, the less likely it is that rust is hiding beneath the grime. 
  • Age. Older parts often go bad faster than newer parts.

Picking the type of part that is newest, least damaged, most clean and least affected by rust is often your best bet.

Go to a Full-Service Auto Salvage Yard if Necessary

Many first-time visitors to auto salvage yards feel lost when trying to pick out the right type of car part for their needs. Your sense of which parts are good and which parts are bad may improve with time. However, if you feel a lack of confidence in your abilities, you can take some of the pressure off by visiting a full-service auto salvage yard that will retrieve a part for you.

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