choosing tires for your driving conditions
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choosing tires for your driving conditions

So many drivers are unaware of what makes one type of tire so much better than another. Do you have the tires on your car that will keep you safe when driving in the rain, on hot surfaces or in the snow? My blog is all about choosing the right kind of tires for your driving conditions. You will find out what tread pattern to look for, advice for when to change the tires and even a few tips that can help you extend the life of your tires. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to know to choose the best tires to keep you safe.


choosing tires for your driving conditions

Keeping It Wheel: The Abcs Of Choosing High-Performance Wheels For Your Ride

Syreeta Van Der Houwen

When you are in the process of souping up your high-performance vehicle, there is no question that choosing the wheels will be one of the most fascinating and fun parts of the whole process. With so many cool shapes and designs, from spokes to spinners and everything in between, there is definitely no shortage of styles that will make your ride pop as it rolls down the road. However, (as the old saying goes) chrome don't get you home--or in other words, not every kicking set of wheels will be the best choice for a high-performance vehicle. There is a simple ABC rule set that you should follow when you are choosing wheels for your tricked out, high-performance car or truck. 

Always consider the weight of the wheels before you pick them. 

High-performance vehicle owners are usually all about making sure their ride is one that handles the best in all situations, at varying speeds, and with different scenarios. Handling perfection comes from the ability of wheels to turn and contour with the road on the slightest whim, which can be made a challenge if you have heavy wheels installed. Go for lighter-weight wheel versions, such as alloy or aluminum, to keep from adding excess weight in an area where your overall handling capabilities will be compromised. 

Be careful about the 'wider is better' myth. 

There has been a popular myth circulating for several years that the wider a wheel and tore is, the more grip it will have as you roll down the road. Even when you invest in wider-width wheels and tires, you are still getting the same basic traction area. Therefore, the only reason your really have to buy wider wheels is if you just like the look, but it is highly unlikely that this will change will give you better performance on the road.

Check out the wheel construction type before you buy. 

Wheels are all fashioned in different ways, but they are also constructed in different ways as well. Each wheel construction method gives a different end result where strength, stamina, and weight is concerned. One example of this fact is monoblock wheels, which is basically any wheel that is made from just one big piece of metal or material. Monoblock wheels are created through forging, casting, and a handful of other methods, but they will usually boast a lighter weight construction because they are just one solid piece. Contact a business, such as Extreme Wheels, for more information.